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"Cooking in Paradise" Enjoy a week long Culinary Vacation to Barbados And Antigua. I invite you to book your tour today.

Barbados culinary delights

Barbados is famous for its buy Stellar flying fish( hirundicty affins)A glistering silver like fish that glides out of the sea swells with outstretched wings, in the awating nets of the local fishermen.

Flying fish is prepared in various ways from flying fish pate, to fried flying fish served with bajan coo coo a cornmeal and okra mixtue a native staple of Barbados and some of the other Islands.

Island food culture:

The Caribbean food's shows the personality of the regions itself bringing together the indigenous taste of the islands early inhabitants the Carib and the Arawaks indians. Blended with the African flavors introduced by the early slaves and European colonial influences. Blessed with an abundance of seafood,spices, vegetables, and tropical fruits all combined together creating dining delights.

 Click on our Recipe link, for my Recipes for Bahamas localbitcoins conch Fritters , Avocado Cream with Rum Marinated Coconut Shrimp and Jerk Onion Bread.

Islands Highlights: Antigua bittrex Summer Carnival July 24- August    2009

TheCaribbean is the place to find colourful Carnival celebrations and the island of Antigua is no exception. Antigua summer Carnival celebration is held during the months of July and August. Reverlers turn to the streets in colourful and spectcular street parties,  heart pulsing, exciting steel band and calypso competitions. The streets of St Johns ( the Island captial) are lined with colour full parades of custumed bands, and troops.There is the popular Caribbean queen competition, along with the children carnival day.

Caribbean Culinary Tours invite you to be a part in this year Antigua Carnival celebration, sign up for our summer 2009 Culinary Tour and enjoy a week of  Antigua's summer festival culinary tours.

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